Drilling down into graphed data

You can use the Drill-down option to view the data represented by selected portions of a graph. ACL uses the graph to define a filter that shows only the selected graph data, and displays the filtered data in the open view.


Drill-down functionality is not available for graphs created by selecting data in views. This restriction exists because the data used to create the graph is already selected in the view.

To use the graph drill-down feature:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click a segment of a bar graph or pie chart to select it.

    • Shift+click to select multiple adjacent segments of a bar graph or pie chart.

    • Ctrl+click to select multiple non-adjacent segments of a bar graph or pie chart.

  2. Click Drill-down .

    If you want to analyze table data for a single graph segment, you can double-click the appropriate segment.

    ACL displays a filtered view of the data selected from the graph. You can continue to analyze the selected data using other ACL commands and functions. To return to the original table view, click Remove Filter.

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