Generating graphs from views

You can select data in an ACL view and generate a graph. You can select either multiple numeric columns, or a single character or datetime column and one or more numeric columns.

To graph data from a view:

  1. Open the view that contains the data you want to graph.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click and drag in the View tab to select the data to include.

    • Select multiple adjacent columns by clicking the first column header to include and then Shift+click to select the last column to include. Any columns between the first column and the last column are included in the selection.

    • Ctrl+click in the column headers to select multiple non-adjacent columns to include.

  3. Right-click in the view and select Graph Selected Data.

    Do not right-click a column header if you have selected multiple columns or a group of values, because only the column you right-click will be selected.

    If the menu item is disabled it means that the selected data area or columns cannot be graphed.

    The graph is displayed in a new graph window. You can modify any of the graph properties in the graph window, but the Drill-down command is disabled because the subset of data used to create the graph is already highlighted in the view.

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