Generating reports

In ACL, reports are generated from views and report settings for a particular view are saved with the view.

To generate a report:

  1. Select Data > Report.
  2. Optional. On the Main tab, specify a Header and/or a Footer in the text box(es).

    Headers and footers can be more than one line, and are centered by default. Type a left angle bracket (<) before the header or footer text to left align the text. Left aligning multiple lines requires a left angle bracket at the beginning of each line.

    You also have the option of specifying a standard header and footer to apply to all reports produced during an ACL session. For more information, see Global report printing options.

  3. If there are records in the current view that you want to exclude from processing, enter a condition in the If text box, or click If to create an IF statement using the Expression Builder.

    The IF statement considers all records in the view and filters out those that do not meet the specified condition.

  4. Select Presort to automatically sort the key fields before generating the report. If you have not sorted break columns explicitly using the Sort Records option, you should select Presort to have ACL sort the column(s).

    The Presort option is only available when Sort Key Column or Break Column is selected in the Modify Column dialog box.

  5. Select Summarize to generate a report that includes only subtotals and totals of key break fields, and does not include detail lines. If Summarize is not selected, the report includes subtotals and totals of key break fields and detail lines.
  6. Select Suppress blank detail lines to automatically remove blank detail lines from the report.
  7. Select Single Spaced, Double Spaced, or Triple Spaced from the drop-down list.
  8. Click Setup to choose a different printer or to change the print options for the printer.
  9. Click Preview to preview the report before printing. You can use the buttons in the preview screen to navigate through the pages of the report, zoom in to view the report in greater detail, print the report, or close the preview.
  10. Select Fit to page to scale the report to include all columns in the view. If Fit to page is not selected, only columns that appear to the left of the page width indicator in the view (vertical dotted line) are displayed in printed reports.

    Reports saved as files or displayed on the screen automatically include all columns in the view.

  11. Click the Output tab.
  12. Select the appropriate output option in the To panel:
    • Screen – Select this option to display the report in the ACL display area. If the report contains a large number of records, it is faster and more useful to save the report to a file than to display the report on the screen.

    • Print – Select this option to send the report to the default printer.

    • File – Select this option to save or append the report to a text file or an HTML file. The file is saved outside ACL.

  13. If you selected File as the output type, specify the following information in the As panel:
    • File Type – Select ASCII Text File or Unicode Text file (depending on which edition of ACL you are using) to save or append the report to a text file. Select HTML Text File to save or append the report to an HTML file.

    • Name – Enter a file name in the Name text box. Or click Name and enter the file name, or select an existing file in the Save or Save File As dialog box to overwrite or append to the file.

      You can also specify an absolute or relative file path, or navigate to a different folder, to save or append the file in a location other than the project location. For example: C:\Results\Report.txt or Results\Report.htm.

    • Local – Disabled and selected. Saving the file locally is the only option.

  14. Verify that the header and footer text is correct.

    Changes you make to the header or footer are automatically updated in the Header and Footer text boxes on both the Main and Output tabs. Semi-colons (;) in the text boxes on the Output tab are line-break characters.

  15. Click OK.
  16. If the overwrite prompt appears, select the appropriate option.

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