Working with scripts

This section includes information about the features available in ACL for working with ACLScript. ACLScript is the command language used to process data in ACL. When you run a command from a menu in ACL it is converted to an ACLScript command statement before it is processed. For example, if you select Analyze > Duplicates and test an Invoice Number field for duplicates, and output the results to a table called “Duplicate_Invoices”, the following ACLScript command statement is executed, and recorded in the ACL command log:

DUPLICATES ON Invoice_No PRESORT TO "Duplicate_Invoices.FIL"

ACL scripts

An ACL script is a series of ACLScript commands that performs a particular task, or several related tasks. Scripts are the key to harnessing the power of ACL:

ACL analytics

ACL analytics are regular ACL scripts with additional annotations that allow them to run in the Analysis App window, which is a freestanding component of ACL, and in ACL Analytics Exchange. If the ACLScript commands in an ACL script and in an ACL analytic are identical the data processing and analytic work performed by the script and the analytic are identical. You can achieve the same data analysis goals using either scripts or analytics. The differences between the two involve where and how they are run, what type of users they best suit, and what additional capabilities are available.

For information about running ACL analytics in the Analysis App window, see Working with analysis apps. For information about developing analytics, see the ACL Analytic Developer Guide.

Scriptwriting tools

You have a number of tools to choose from when you create, edit, or debug scripts:

You can use these options individually, or in combination, to create new scripts or to modify existing scripts.

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