Creating custom dialog boxes

As part of an ACL script, you can create one or more custom dialog boxes that perform any of the following functions:

To create a custom dialog box:

  1. Open the ACL script you want to add the custom dialog box to, and move the cursor to the line in the script where you want to insert the dialog box command.
  2. Click Build New Dialog .

    ACL displays the Dialog Builder with a default title of “User Dialog”.

  3. Complete any of the following steps to create the custom dialog box:
    • Double-click the form layout area to modify the title or the size of the dialog box.

    • Click a control icon and then click in the form layout area to add the control. The icons for the controls you can add appear on the lefthand side of the Dialog Builder.

    • Click Snap to Grid  to turn the grid on or off in the form layout area. Use the grid to align controls on the form. When this option is turned on, the top-left corner of each control is aligned with the closest grid point when you place or move the control on the form.

  4. If you need to delete a control from the form layout area, select the control and click Delete . You cannot delete the OK and Cancel buttons.
  5. Click Close to exit the Dialog Builder.
  6. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box to save your changes.

    ACL displays the Dialog Builder command line in the script window. You can see all the controls in the dialog box by scrolling to the right.

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