Creating scripts from table history

For each table created as the output of an ACL command, ACL keeps a record of the commands used to create the table, including commands that created any intermediate tables between the original ACL table and your output table. You can use this table history to create a script that recreates the your table. You can run the script to replicate the table, and because the commands are stored in a script, you can edit the script directly if you want to modify the processing steps.

For example, if you add a table to your ACL project each month that contains inventory data for all divisions of a company and you extract the division and inventory items you are interested in to a new table, you could create a script from the table history of the new table to automate this process.

To create a script from the table history of the active table:

  1. Select Tools > Create Script from Table History.

    If Default_View is active, ACL prompts you to rename the view to prevent you from overwriting the default view for the table in your script.

  2. If ACL prompts you to rename the view click Rename and then enter the new name for the view and click OK.
  3. Enter a name for the new script to save the table history to in the Save As dialog box and click OK.

    A script is created that includes the series of commands required to recreated your table from the table history. The script opens the original table and then runs the set of commands you used to create your table. If a series of commands were run to create your table, for example, if you extracted records to one table and then ran the Classify command on that table to create your table, the script would include both of these commands.

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