Creating scripts with the Script Recorder

The ACL Script Recorder provides a way to create a script by recording your actions as you work with tables and commands in ACL. The advantage of using the Script Recorder is that you do not need to enter the required syntax for each ACLScript command used. When you turn the Script Recorder on, ACL records all subsequent commands and copies them to a new script. When you turn the Script Recorder off, ACL prompts you to save and name the script.

You can use the Script Recorder to create scripts you can run without modification to perform repetitive tasks, or you can record a series of commands in a script to use as a starting point for creating a more complex or flexible script in the Script Editor. The Script Recorder is also a useful tool for learning the ACLScript language. You can record a series of analysis steps using the Script Recorder and then view the resulting script to see the series of commands and syntax required to reproduce the behavior in a script.

To create a script using the Script Recorder:

  1. Select Tools > Set Script Recorder On.

    The Script Recorder icon is displayed in the status bar, and a checkbox is displayed to the left of the menu item, to indicate that the Script Recorder is on.

  2. Perform the analysis steps or processing you want to record. ACL writes each command processed in a new script.
  3. When you have finished processing data, select Tools > Set Script Recorder On again to turn the Script Recorder off.

    ACL prompts you to save the script.

  4. Enter a meaningful name for the script in the text box and click OK.

    Only commands are captured by the Script Recorder. As a general rule, if the command appears in the command log, it can be captured in a script.

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