Finding and replacing text

You can search for, and optionally replace, strings or words in your scripts.

To find and replace a string:

  1. Click the location in the Script Editor where you want to start searching the script. To search the whole script click the left corner on the first line.
  2. Right-click and select Find.
  3. In the Replace dialog box, enter the following information:
    • Find What – Specify the string or word to find.

    • Replace With – (Optional) If you want to replace the value you are searching for, specify the value to replace it with.

    • Match whole word only – Only return matches where the search value is an exact match for a word. For example, by default “int” would be found in “integer”, but if this option is specified only “int” would be found and shorter or longer strings would be ignored.

    • Match case – Select this option to make the search case-sensitive. For example, by default searching for “Integer” would match “Integer” and “integer”, but if this option is specified only “Integer” would be found.

  4. Complete one of the following tasks:
    • Click Find Next to locate the first, or next, instance of the search string. You can click this button repeatedly to move from one match to the next.

    • Click Replace to replace a currently highlighted match with the Replace With value.

    • Click Replace All to replace all matched values. ACL displays a count of the number of occurrences that have been replaced.

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