Importing scripts from ScriptHub

ScriptHub is a web-based library of ACL scripts developed by ACL employees and the ACL user community. From ScriptHub, you can insert import, prepare, or analysis scripts, or analytics, into an empty ACL script or an existing script. If the ScriptHub script has any dependent scripts, they are automatically imported into the ACL project. You can also insert code snippets, which are reusable portions of scripts, directly into existing scripts.

You can access ScriptHub from the following locations:

To import a script from ScriptHub:

  1. Sign in to ScriptHub using your ACL GRC account.
  2. In ScriptHub, find the script or snippet you want to import and click View Details.

    Ensure that you read and understand the Script Details, which include prerequisites, data requirements, inputs, outputs, and limitations.

  3. Click Click to copy to clipboard  to copy the ScriptHub ID to the clipboard.
  4. In ACL Analytics, open the new or existing script you want to paste the ScriptHub script or snippet into.
  5. Click ScriptHub Access  to open the Paste ACL ScriptHub content link dialog box.
  6. Click Paste to paste the ScriptHub ID into the text box.
  7. Click Done.

    The ScriptHub script or snippet is imported and inserted into the script. You can edit the script or snippet as necessary.

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