Setting break points in scripts

You can set one or more break points in an ACL script to pause the execution of a script at a specific line. Break points allow you to test a portion of a script without having to run the entire script. They can be a useful tool as you develop and test more complex or critical portions of scripts.

To set a break point in a script:

  1. Open the ACL script in which you want to set one or more break points .
  2. Click the break point column immediately to the left of the target line in the ACL script.

    The break point column is located between the line numbering column and the left margin of the script. You can also set a break point by positioning the cursor in the target line in the script and pressing F9 or clicking Toggle breakpoint  in the Script Editor toolbar.

  3. To remove a break point, click the break point, or position the cursor in the target line and press F9 or click Toggle breakpoint .

    You can remove all break points from all scripts in the ACL project by right-clicking in the Script Editor and selecting Clear All Breakpoints.

  4. Click Run  or press F5 to run the script to the break point.

    The script starts running and executes to the break point. While the script is running in break point mode it is read-only, and most other ACL functionality is disabled, including the command line.

  5. To move beyond the break point, click Run  or press F5.

    The script runs to the next break point, or if there are no other break points, completes execution of the script.

  6. If the step arrow turns red and stops at a line, indicating an error, the script becomes editable and you can fix the error, and then do either of the following:
    • Continue running the script from the point of the error, or from any other line, by placing the cursor in the appropriate line, and right-clicking and selecting Run From Cursor.

    • Restart the script from the beginning by clicking Run  or pressing F5.

    If a table is open when the error occurs, the ACL display area automatically switches from the Script Editor to displaying the open table in the View tab. Switch back to the Script Editor to fix the error.

  7. If you want to exit the script before it completes, press Esc and click Yes in the confirmation prompt.

    You can also exit the script by closing ACL.

  8. After a break point, or after fixing an error, if you want to step through the remainder of the script, do one of the following:
    • After a break point, click Step  or press F10.

    • After fixing an error, place the cursor in the appropriate line, and right-click and select Step From Cursor.

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