Defining Print Image (Report) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files

The process for defining Print Image (Report) files, which are electronic copies of printed reports, and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files, which are application files or scanned files that have been saved in the standard PDF format are similar. There are some differences—PDF files can be password protected, for example—but the way records and files are identified is the same for both data types.

The process of defining an ACL table layout from these types of files is an iterative process. The final result you are trying to achieve is to have each piece of data you want to include in the ACL table selected as part of a header, footer, or detail record and is assigned to a specific field in the ACL table layout.

For information on common techniques used to define records and fields, see File definition examples.

The following steps must be completed to define a Detail, Header, or Footer record manually:

Figure 1 shows a print image report with the records and fields defined in the Print Image File Definition dialog box. The PDF File Definition dialog box, used when defining Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files, works the same way.

Figure 1. File definition dialog box

  1. Header record – The header record, Header1 is defined using the “Product Class:” string to uniquely identify the rows. The two field defined for this record are highlighted in aqua blue, and the record is highlighted in grey.

  2. Detail record – The detail record includes 5 distinct fields, and the decimal point in the second to last column is used to uniquely identify detail records. Note that the decimal point in the last row is not used, because it would also incorrectly include the “Class Totals:” rows.

  3. Undefined data – The information listed in the “Class Totals:” row will not be included in the report because it is not part of any of the defined records. It is important to ensure that any unselected rows in the data file are unselected because they are not required, and not because the record criteria is failing to include them incorrectly. Also, ensure that records do not include rows that should not be selected.

  4. Record Definition dialog box – The Record Definition dialog box includes the definition for the Header1 record. The record uses “Product Class:” as the character string to identify the header records in the file.

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