Options for accessing SAP ERP data

The standard way of accessing SAP ERP data in ACL is by exporting the required SAP ERP data to a .dat file using the SAP Data Retention Tool (DART) or the SAP Query Tool (SAP Transaction SQ01). The SAP Audit Information System (AIS) contains several audit-related SAP queries that you can extract using the SAP Audit Format (formerly known as the SAP Private File Format) private file format. ACL automatically identifies the field information, and creates an ACL table that utilizes the correct SAP data types.

You can also download tables from the SAP data browser. Use the SAP transaction code /se16 to display the data browser.

If your SAP installation does not include the SAP private file format enhancement, you can access SAP ERP data using either of the following options:

Use Direct Link to access data directly

Direct Link is an optional add-on that can be purchased from ACL. It allows you to connect to and browse for the required data in a SAP ERP system, and provides direct access to the data in ACL.

Direct Link adds the following capabilities to ACL:

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