Selecting XBRL contexts

Use the Select XBRL Contexts to Import page of the wizard to select an XBRL context type and individual contexts.

The XBRL data imported to an ACL table must all be associated with the same context type (instant, period, or forever). Importing multiple context types into a single ACL table is not supported.


If you are working with a complex XBRL file you may need to, or may find it easier to, define more than one ACL table for the various contexts in the file, and then define relations between the tables using the Relate Tables command.

To select XBRL contexts:

  1. Select the Context Type you want to add to the ACL table.

    All contexts in the XBRL file with a matching context type are displayed in the Available Contexts pane.

  2. Select one or more contexts in the Available Contexts pane and click the right arrow button to move them to the Selected Contexts pane.

    You can also click Add All to add all available contexts. When you add one or more contexts to the Selected Contexts pane, the Import Size panel displays the number of individual records that will be imported to the ACL table.

    When you select an individual context in either pane, the Context Properties area displays entity and period information. You can click View Scenario if any scenario information is associated with the context.

  3. When you have added all the contexts required for the ACL table, click Next.

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