Selecting XBRL elements

Use the Select Elements to Import page of the wizard to select the XBRL elements to include in your ACL table.

The Elements table lists all of the elements associated with the context(s) you previously selected. By default, all the elements are initially selected for inclusion in the ACL table.

To select the elements to import:

  1. Do any of the following:
    • Select or deselect the checkbox next to individual elements.

    • Click Select All to select all of the elements.

    • Click Deselect All to deselect all of the elements.

    • Click Reverse Selection to select all of the deselected elements and deselect all of the selected elements.

    The Import Size panel displays the number of individual records that will be imported into the ACL table and the total number of records in the XBRL file.

  2. When you have finished selecting XBRL elements, click Next.

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