Modifying column properties

Use the XML Column Properties dialog box to modify properties of the selected column. You can specify how the field will be defined in the ACL table, and the data that will be retrieved from the XML file. The Source column in the table displays the hierarchy of each element selected as the field’s data source. For example, a value of /catalog/cd/title/ describes the following nested structure in the XML file:


To modify the properties of a column:

  1. If you want to change the name of the column, enter the new name in the Column Name text box.

    The default value for the field is the name of the first source element. The Column Name value is the name of the field in the ACL table layout.

  2. If you want to change the data type of the column select Text, Numeric, or Datetime in the Column Type drop-down list.

    If ACL cannot determine the datetime format, enter the Date Format that matches the data. The Date Format field appears when Datetime is selected.

    If you change the column data type and data no longer appears in the column, the data type and the data are mismatched.

  3. If you want to remove an XML element from a column, select the element in the Source column and click Remove.
  4. If you want to display the name of the XML element in each row, instead of the data stored in the element, select Name in the Type drop-down list. This option only applies to columns where the column type is text.
  5. If there are multiple instances of the same XML element at the same level in the hierarchy, and you only want to choose one element or a subset, you can use the Instance field to specify the instance(s) to select. For example, if you entered a value of 2 in the Instance field, only the value in second <description> element would be selected for the column from the following example:







    You can enter a single number, multiple numbers separated by commas, a numeric range, or a combination of these. For example, if you want to include the first instance, and the fifth to tenth instances, in a single column, enter the following: 1, 5-10. By default, all instances are initially displayed in the column.


    If you want to add different instances of a repeated element to different columns in an ACL table, you need to create a column for each instance and set the Instance field to the appropriate value.

  6. Click OK.

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