Selecting and configuring XML elements

Use the Select XML Elements page of the wizard to select the individual elements to include, and to modify the properties of each column in your ACL table, as necessary.

In the XML Elements treeview, ACL provides a hierarchical representation of all elements and attributes contained in the XML file. A green check mark identifies elements or attributes you previously selected. If you previously selected multiple data structures, they are now combined in a single Preview table. Data from the selected columns is displayed if Auto Preview is checked.

To select and configure elements:

  1. If you want to remove a column, select the column in the Preview table and click Remove.
  2. If you want to add a column, select the element in the XML Elements treeview and click Create Column.

    If adding an element violates your intended ACL table structure and causes gaps to appear in the table, data of the same kind probably needs to be merged in a single column (step 4 below).

    If adding an element creates duplicate or multiple identical records (identical except for the added element), more than one instance of the element probably exists within a parent element and the instances need to be split into separate columns.

  3. If you want to move a column, select the column and click the left or right arrow button, or drag and drop the column to the new position.
  4. If you want to merge data of the same type in a column, select the column in the Preview table, select the element to add in the XML Elements treeview, and click Add to Column.
  5. If you want to modify column properties, select the column in the Preview table and click Column Properties. You can make the following changes in the XML Column Properties dialog box:
    • Change the name of the column.

    • Change the data type of a column.

    • If the column is assigned the Text data type, you can repeat the name of the column in each row of the column.

    • If an element is repeated in the data structure, you can assign specific instances of the repeated element to the column. For example, if there are multiple <description> elements in a data structure, you could assign only the first instance to a Description column.

  6. Click Next.
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