Defining print image or PDF fields

You need to define and configure the properties for each field in a print image or PDF record that you want to include in your ACL table.

To define a field:

  1. Position the mouse cursor where you want to start to define the field.
  2. Click and drag to select the field width, and release the mouse button.
  3. If the region selected for the field is outside the highlighted area for an existing Detail, Header, or Footer record the Specify Record Type dialog box will be displayed, prompting you to indicate whether you want to create a new record, or add the field to an existing record. Select New Record to create a new record, or Existing Record <record_name> directly below field to add the field to an existing record, and click OK.

    For information on defining records, see Defining print image or PDF records.

    The Field Definition dialog box is displayed with default values for the field.

  4. Complete the following steps to modify the properties of the field, as necessary:
    1. Change the name of the field by entering the new value in the Name text box.
    2. Change the data type of the field by selecting a new value from the Type drop-down list.
    3. Click Advanced Options and modify any of the properties listed below. Fields that do not apply to the selected field type are disabled.
      • Starts on Line – Specifies the line number of the record the field starts on.

      • Starts in Column – Specifies the starting position of the field.

      • Field Width – Specifies the length of the field.

      • Field Height – Specifies the height of the field.

      • Decimals – Specifies the number of decimal places for numeric fields.

      • Format – Specifies the input format for datetime fields or the output format for numeric fields. You can select from existing formats in the drop-down list, or specify a different format in the text box. This property is disabled when the Character data type is selected.

        For more information, see Formats of date and time source data, or Formatting numeric values in a view.

      • Width – Specifies the column width in ACL views and reports.

      • Alternate Column Title – Specifies the column title displayed in ACL views and reports.

      • Suppress Totals – Select the checkbox to prevent the values in the field from being totaled. By default, ACL automatically totals numeric fields in reports. You can suppress this behavior if the field contains data, such as unit prices or quantities, where calculating the total is not meaningful.

      • Control Total – Select the checkbox to identify the field as a control total field. The input and output totals of a control total field are included in the file history. The control total value is used as a check to verify that the data being used is complete and consistent from one session to the next. The value can also be used to reconcile data with external sources.

      • Convert to Single Field – Select the checkbox to specify that a character field that spans multiple lines should be processed as a single concatenated field.

      • Fill if Blank – Select the checkbox to specify that value in the first field in a set of records should be copied to subsequent records that do not specify any value for the field.

      • Ends on Blank Line – Select the checkbox to exclude trailing blank lines from a field where the number of lines in the field varies from record to record. For example, a Comment field may span 5 lines, but for some records the value of the Comment field may only be 2 or 3 lines.

    4. Click OK.

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