Using workspaces to share field definitions

An ACL workspace is an ACL project item that contains one or more field definitions that have been saved for reuse with other tables. When a workspace is activated, the fields within it are available to the current table. Workspaces let you maintain and reuse definitions of physical fields, computed fields, or filters (which can be selected from the Filters list in the Expression Builder). Reusing or sharing field definitions and filters ensures consistency, and reduces the repetitive work of defining fields and filters that are used in more than one table.

Workspaces can be shared between tables that contain fields of the same type, with the same names. For example, you might want to associate a workspace with successive tables of a given type, such as accounts receivable tables from different periods, or from different divisions of the same company.

If you are working with multiple-record-type files, you can store the definition for each record type in a separate workspace. You can select the appropriate workspace to process records of a specific type.

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