Working with table layouts

An ACL table layout describes the structure and content of a data source, and specifies how to connect to the data source. It describes the data in each field, and specifies how to display and print the information. Table layouts also allow you to define the fields you want to analyze. Figure 1 illustrates the table layout in relation to the other components of an ACL table. For more information about how table layouts relate to ACL tables generally, see The structure of ACL tables.

Figure 1. ACL table layout

Editing table layouts

The table layout automatically created when you define an ACL table in the Data Definition Wizard can be used without modification. In some cases you may need to edit the automatically created table layout, or create the table layout manually. You can add, remove, or modify fields or records in a table layout as necessary.

You may need to edit a table layout in the following situations:

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