Activating data filters

When you create a data filter in the Add New Data Filter tab in the Table Layout dialog box, you are prompted to activate the data filter. You can also activate an existing filter, change the active filter, or deactivate a selected filter, by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down list in the Edit Fields/Expressions tab in the Table Layout dialog box.

When a data filter is activated, only records and fields that meet the data filter criteria can be viewed and processed.

When a data filter is active the following behaviors apply in the Edit Fields/Expressions tab:

To activate a data filter:

  1. Select Edit > Table Layout.
  2. Click the Edit Fields/Expressions tab.
  3. Select the data filter to activate from the drop-down list above the fields list.

    The fields list is updated to only show the fields that belong to the selected data filter. To deactivate the data filter select “All fields” from the drop-down list.

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