Activating workspaces

A workspace can be activated for use with any ACL table, but you must ensure that any fields referenced in the workspace field definitions are available in the ACL table. For example, if a workspace includes a computed field named Value that is defined using the expression sale_price * quantity, you must ensure that any table you use the workspace with includes both the sale_price and quantity fields.

If you activate a workspace that includes a field with the same name as one of the fields in the table, ACL asks if you want to replace the field in the table. Click Yes to temporarily replace the field in the table with the workspace field until you close the table.

If you edit the table layout after you activate a workspace, or make a change that causes the application to automatically save the table layout, ACL permanently adds the workspace fields to the table layout. Once the workspace fields are saved in the table layout, you can add the fields to the view.

To activate a workspace:

  1. Open the table you want to use the workspace with.
  2. In the Overview tab of the Navigator, right-click the workspace and select Activate.

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