Adding workspace field definitions to table layouts

By default, the fields in a workspace are only available for use with your ACL table when the table is open and the workspace is activated. When the table is closed, the workspace is deactivated automatically, and the workspace fields are no longer available for use unless the workspace is reactivated. If you want the workspace fields to always be available when the table is open, you need to add them to the table layout. When you add the workspace fields to the table layout, you are copying the definitions from the workspace and creating fields in the table layout. This means that any future changes to these fields must be completed in the table layout, not in the workspace.

To add workspace field definitions to a table layout:

  1. Open the table you want to add the workspace field definitions to.
  2. In the Overview tab of the Navigator, right-click the workspace and select Activate.
  3. Select Edit > Table Layout.
  4. Double-click one of the fields listed to edit the properties of the field.
  5. Change the value in the Width text box by increasing the value by 1.
  6. Click Accept Entry .

    Saving the change forces ACL to save the change made to the field definition and also saves the field definitions in the activated workspace in the table layout.

  7. Double-click the field you modified in steps 4 and 5 and restore the original value in the Width text box.
  8. Click Accept Entry .
  9. Click Close  to exit the Table Layout dialog box.

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