Copying table layouts

You can copy a table layout to associate an identical table layout with the same ACL data file or data source, and then subsequently modify the copied table layout. Copying and modifying a table layout may be easier than creating a new table layout from scratch.

Having more than one table layout associated with the same data file or data source allows you to define fields differently for the same data, create different subsets of fields, create different computed fields, and so on, which can be useful when working with large tables that would be unwieldy if all field definitions were included in a single table layout.


Be careful when you have more than one table layout associated with the same ACL data file. If you have Delete Data File with Table selected in the Options dialog box, deleting any of the table layouts also deletes the data file, which means the data is no longer available for the remaining table layouts.

For information about copying table layouts from another ACL project, see Copying table layouts from another ACL project.

To copy a table layout:

  1. In the Overview tab, right-click the table layout you want to copy and select Copy.
  2. Right-click a project folder and select Paste.
  3. If a message appears asking whether you want to copy or share field definitions, click Copy unless you have a specific reason for clicking Share.

    The message appears if Don’t Share Table Layouts is deselected in the Options dialog box. For more information, see Sharing table layouts.

    The table layout is copied and given an incrementing numeric suffix – for example, “Table2”. You can rename the table layout if necessary.

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