Dumping data

The Hex Dump menu command can be used to troubleshoot problems with data files or individual records, or identify the data fields in the file, by allowing you to view all of the printable and non-printable characters. The Unicode character encoding option is only available in the Unicode edition of ACL.

If you want to dump data for a particular record, open the view and select the record before continuing with this procedure.

To dump data from a record or file:

  1. Select Tools > Hex Dump.
  2. The current record is selected by default. If you want to dump data from a file, select the File radio button and then locate the file in the Open dialog box and click Open.
  3. In Skip Bytes, enter a value greater than zero to skip the specified number of bytes from the start of the file before dumping data.
  4. In Columns, specify the number of columns to use to display the data dump. Each column displays the character encoding for a single character.
  5. By default information is displayed vertically with each encoding side by side, click the Horizontal checkbox to display it horizontally.
  6. Deselect any of the character encodings you do not want display (ASCII, EBCDIC, HEX, or Unicode (if applicable))
  7. If you want to file a particular value, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Find.
    2. In the Dump Find dialog box, enter the search string to locate in the Find text box.
    3. Select the character encoding to search (ASCII, EBCDIC, HEX, or Unicode (if applicable)).
    4. Select the Ignore Case checkbox if you want to ignore whether characters are uppercase or lowercase.
    5. In the Search For panel select Top if you want to search from the top of the file or Cursor if you want to start the search at the current cursor position. The currently selected position is displayed in the Position field in the Dump dialog box.
    6. Click Find.

      If a match is found, the location of the match is highlighted in each character encoding.

  8. Click Close  to exit the Dump dialog box.

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