Renaming fields in table layouts

You can rename one or more fields in a table layout, if required. Renaming a field changes the name of the data element that is acted upon by ACL operations, and it is not the same as renaming a column in a view, which is changing only a display name.

When you rename a field, the error message “<previous field name> is undefined” appears when you return to the view, if the view contained the field, or when you open any view that contains the field, and the field is automatically removed from the view. You need to re-add the field to the view.

To rename a field in a table layout:

  1. Select Edit > Table Layout.
  2. Click the Edit Fields/Expressions tab.
  3. Right-click the field you want to rename and select Edit, or double-click the field.
  4. Change the field name in the Name field.
  5. Optional. If you want to rename the column in the view at the same time, change the column name in the Alternate Column Title field.
  6. Click Accept Entry  and click Close  to exit the Table Layout dialog box.
  7. If the error message “<previous field name> is undefined” appears, click OK and re-add the field to the view.
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