Sharing table layouts

You can share a table layout to associate the same table layout with two or more ACL data files. Generally, you should maintain a separate table layout for each data file. However, sharing a single table layout can save labor by allowing you to centrally manage a table layout for multiple data files.

For more information, see the section on the Don’t Share Table Layouts option in Options dialog box: Table tab.


Sharing a table layout is not the same as copying a table layout and sharing a data file. When you share a table layout, a single table layout is associated with two or more data files. When you share a data file, two or more table layouts are associated with a single data file.

To create a shared table layout:

  1. Ensure that Don’t Share Table Layouts is deselected in the Table tab in the Options dialog box (Tools > Options > Table).
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Perform an ACL operation such as extract or sort that outputs results to a new data file with the same record structure as the source table.

      The results table and the source table now share the same table layout.

    • Copy and paste a table layout and click Share in the confirmation dialog box that appears.

  3. If you copied a table layout, do the following:
    1. Right-click the new table layout and select Link to New Source Data.
    2. If the Select File Location dialog box is displayed, select the location where the data file or data source is located and click OK.

      You can select Client for a local or network location, or Server and a server profile for a location on an ACL server.

    3. In the Select File dialog box, locate and select the new data file or data source and click Open.

    For more information, see Modifying data sources for ACL tables.

  4. If you have finished creating shared table layouts, select Don’t Share Table Layouts in the Options dialog box to prevent inadvertently creating shared table layouts in subsequent operations.
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