Switching the organization used for activating ACL

If you belong to more than one organization in ACL Launchpad you can use two options on the ACL Help menu to switch the organization used for activating and automatically validating ACL Analytics:

Users who belong to a single organization in ACL Launchpad should not normally need to use either of these two options.

The role and software subscription type assigned to ACL users is organization-based, so switching organizations can alter these details for a user. ACL Launchpad (www.aclgrc.com) is a single, central location for accessing and managing everything related to your ACL account.

To switch the organization used for activating ACL:

  1. In ACL, select Help > Log Out.
  2. Select Help > Activate ACL Analytics.

    The Sign in to ACL GRC dialog box appears.

  3. Enter your ACL Launchpad user name (email) and password and click Sign In.
  4. Select the company (organization) you want to use for activating ACL Analytics and click OK.

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