Options dialog box: Application Font tab

You can use the options in the Application Font tab to specify the fonts used to display data in all windows, except the View tab in the display area.

Fixed-width Font

ACL uses fixed-width fonts for information displayed in the Table Layout, Script, and Workspace windows. The default fixed-width font is Courier New. You can choose another font from the list box.

Proportional Font

ACL uses proportional fonts in views and reports, and to display information such as the project file name, the table, and the record count in the status bar. The default proportional font is Arial. You can choose another font from the list box.

Language Version

ACL allows letters, numbers, and the underscore character to be used in field names. The default Standard language version setting accommodates Western European characters for field names. The Thai setting allows Thai characters to be used in addition to English.

Script Editor Settings

ACL allows the Script Editor background and font styles to be customized. You can choose the Script Editor background color, and colors and styles of the default text, comments, and command, parameter, and function keywords. For more information about customizing the Script Editor, see Customizing the Script Editor.

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