Options dialog box: View tab

You can use the options in the View tab to specify how ACL displays views.

Hide Filtered Records

When the Hide Filtered Records option is on, ACL displays only those records that match the filter condition in effect.

If this option is turned off, all records in the current table are shown. If a filter is active, records that do not meet the test appear in reverse video.

Show Grid Lines

When this option is on, grid lines are displayed in views.

Test Column Widths

When this option is on and you change the width of a column, ACL prompts you to save or discard your work when you close a view.

If you turn this option off and the only changes to a view are column width changes, the changes are discarded.

Show Right Edge of Page

When this option is on, ACL displays a dotted line in the view to indicate the right margin. The margin is based on the print setup options for the report.

Display Invalid Data as Blanks or Zeros

When this option is off, ACL accepts all invalid characters in a field.

If you turn this option on, ACL replaces invalid character data with blanks and invalid numeric data with zeros, from the first invalid character to the end of the field. This option affects all fields except text fields: ACL automatically replaces invalid data with blanks in text fields.

The Display Invalid Data as Blanks or Zeros option is most useful with variable-length data files, because it allows ACL to correctly display them.

Changes to this setting are recorded in the log using the following syntax:


Redraw Seconds

This option displays the maximum amount of time in seconds that ACL takes to redraw the view. If redrawing takes longer than the specified amount of time, ACL interrupts processing and displays a message. The default time is 10 seconds.

You may need to increase the redraw time when using restrictive filters that select very few records, especially when working with very large files. When you increase the redraw time, you may have to wait longer to view the data. To reduce the waiting time, turn off the Hide Filtered Records option.

Global Page Title

Whatever you enter in this text box will appear, left justified, under the page number at the top of each page you print. You can choose to leave this box blank.

Authorized group licensed versions of ACL have customer specified text in the Global Page Title which cannot be modified.

Changes to this setting are recorded in the log using the following syntax:


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