Applications menu file syntax

The menu files used to define the menu items displayed in the Applications menu must use the required syntax. The following example is from the Template.mnu file, which is included in the Sample Data Files folder installed with ACL. It creates a menu item in the Applications menu called Template with six submenu items. One of the entries, the Margin Analysis menu item, has four additional submenu items.

MAIN MENU                           6                                        .
Margins Analysis                    8 menu_def                               .
Inventory Analysis                  PAUSE 'SAMPLE INVENTORY ANALYSIS BATCH'  .
Accounts Payable Analysis           PAUSE 'LAUNCH YOUR A/P BATCH(ES)'        .
Accounts Receivable Analysis        PAUSE 'DO A/R BATCH(ES) HERE'            .
Internal Audit Functions            PAUSE 'SAMPLE INTERNAL AUDIT PROCESSES'  .
Quit ACL                            QUIT                                     .
MARGINS ANALYSIS                    4                                        .
Exception Listing                   PAUSE 'DO Batch  where margin<=0'        .
High Margin Products                PAUSE 'Sample Batch top 5 margins'       .
Low Margin Products                 PAUSE 'Calculate lowest 5 margins'       .
Margin Statistics                   STATISTICS                               .

The menu file syntax has the following requirements:

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