Modifying font size in views

You can temporarily increase or decrease the font size in the views in an ACL project. The change in size affects all views in the project, and persists until you reset the size or exit ACL.

To modify the font size in views:

  1. Click into an open view.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Press Ctrl++ repeatedly to increase the font size (Ctrl + the Plus key on the number pad).

    • Press Ctrl+- repeatedly to decrease the font size (Ctrl + the Minus key on the number pad).

    • Press Ctrl+0 to reset the font size to the default size (Ctrl + 0 on the number pad).


    You must use the Plus, Minus, and 0 keys on the number pad, not on the main keyboard. On laptops, press Fn+Ctrl+ the appropriate key on the number pad.

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