Rerunning commands from the log

You can select any single-line command in the log and rerun it from the command line. You can also select and rerun the multiline version of the DEFINE FIELD...COMPUTED command. Other multiline commands, such as GROUP, cannot be rerun from the command line and can only be run in scripts.

When you rerun commands you can run them as is, or modify them before running them.

To rerun a command from the log:

  1. Click the Log tab in the Navigator.
  2. In the treeview, select the log entry with the command you want to rerun.

    The command syntax for the log entry you selected is copied to the command line.

  3. If necessary, edit the command in the Command Line text box.

    If the Command Line text box is not visible on screen, select Window > Command Line.

  4. Click Run .

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