Running commands from the ACL command line

Most of the functionality in ACL that is completed by selecting options from menus and entering the required information in dialog boxes can also be completed by running commands from the command line. ACL includes a language called ACLScript that is used throughout the application to process commands and record analysis steps. For example, when you select Analyze > Count from the main menu and complete the required information in the Count dialog box, ACL automatically converts the information you entered to a command statement that is used to run the command and record the action in the log.

The following points provide general guidelines for working with ACLScript commands on the command line:

For detailed information about the syntax required for each ACLScript command, see the ACL Language Reference.

To run a command from the command line:

  1. If the Command Line text box is not visible, select Window > Command Line.
  2. Enter the command text using one of the following methods:
    • Type in the command using the required syntax.

    • Click an entry in the Log tab in the Navigator to add the command to the command line. You can run the command as is, or edit it before running the command.

    • Copy the command syntax from an existing ACL script, or other text file, and paste it in the Command Line text box. You can run the command as is, or edit it before running the command.

  3. Optional. If the command has a dialog box associated with it in the ACL user interface, click Edit Command to display the associated dialog box, which you can use to modify the parameter settings for the command.
  4. Click Run  or press Enter to run the command.

    The Run, Clear Entry, and Edit Command options are also available by right-clicking in the Command Line text box.

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