Formatting numeric values in a view

The formatting applied to numeric values displayed in views and reports can be configured at three different levels in ACL:



Location to set formatting




The Default Numeric Format value in the Numeric tab in the Options dialog box (Tools > Options)

Specifies the formatting for all numeric fields and columns in ACL that do not have field-level or column-level formatting specified



The Format value in the Edit Fields/Expressions tab in the Table Layout dialog box (Edit > Table Layout and double-click the field name)

Specifies the formatting for an individual numeric field in a table layout, and the associated column in all views that use the table layout, unless column-level formatting is specified

For a change in field-level formatting to take effect in a view, you must remove the associated column and re-add it to the view, or create a new view containing the column




The Format value in the Modify Column dialog box (right-click the column in the view and select Properties)

Specifies the formatting for an individual numeric column in an individual view

If you have more than one view of a table, you can format the same column differently in the different views. For example, you could display a column with dollar signs in a view you use for printed reports, and omit the dollar signs in a view you use for analysis.

Numeric format syntax

The formatting applied to numeric values in ACL is specified using a format mask that defines the required layout for each numeric value. For example, the format mask $99 could be used to display any value less than $100, because each 9 indicates that any digit between 0 and 9 can be displayed, with the dollar sign displayed next to the value.

Format masks are defined using the following components:

Table 1 lists the default format masks you can select from in ACL and the output they produce for the number -100234.56. You can use these format masks as defined, modify them to suit your requirements, or define you own format masks.

Table 1. Default numeric formats

Format Mask














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