Copying views from another ACL project

You can copy a view from one ACL project to another, which is useful if you have similar tables in both projects and you want to reuse a view rather than create a new view from scratch. You can copy a single view, or multiple views simultaneously.

If a table is open in the destination project, the copied view is automatically associated with the open table. If no table is open, the copied view is added to the project and can be associated with a table at a later point.

If a copied view has the same name as an existing view in the project, the copied view is given an incrementing numeric suffix.


If the table you are associating a copied view with does not include all the fields specified in the view, you will get an error message listing one or more fields as “undefined”. You may still be able to use the view, but view columns associated with undefined fields do not appear.

If you want to import a view that exists as a separate file outside an ACL project, see Importing views.

To copy a view from another ACL project:

  1. Open the project that will contain the copied view or views.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you want to immediately associate a copied view or views with a table, open the table.

    • If you want to associate a copied view or views with a table at a later point, make sure all the tables in the destination project are closed.

      Use this second method if you are copying multiple views that you intend to associate with different tables.

  3. In the Overview tab of the Navigator, right-click the ACL project entry, or a project folder, and select Copy from another Project > View.

    The ACL project is the top-level folder in the treeview.

  4. In the Locate Project File dialog box, locate and select the ACL project you want to copy the view or views from and click Open.
  5. In the Import dialog box, complete any of the following tasks to add one or more views to the To project_name list:
    • Double-click a view.

    • Ctrl+click multiple views and then click the right-arrow button.

    • Click Add All to add all the views.

    You can remove views from the To project_name list by double-clicking an individual view, by using Ctrl+click to select multiple views and then clicking the left-arrow button, or by clicking Clear All.

  6. Click OK to copy the view or views into the destination project.

    If a table is open, the view or views are associated with the table.

  7. If you copied one or more views without associating them with a table, do the following to associate a view with a table:
    1. Open the appropriate table.
    2. Right-click the ACL project in the Overview tab in the Navigator and select Properties.
    3. Click the Views tab.
    4. Select the view you want to associate with the table, click Apply, and click OK.
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