Maintaining named filters

You can use the Filters dialog box to add, modify, duplicate, rename, or delete named filters associated with a table. You can also view the syntax for a named filter without making any modifications. You cannot rename or delete a filter if it is currently applied.

To maintain a named filter:

  1. Open the table with the named filter you want to maintain.
  2. Select Edit > Filters.

    ACL displays the list of named filters associated with the table.

  3. If you want to add a new filter, click New and use the Expression Builder to create the filter. Only logical expressions can be used to define filters.

    For information about using the Expression Builder, see Creating expressions using the Expression Builder.

  4. If you want to work with an existing filter, select it in the list and do one of the following:
    • Click OK to view or modify the selected filter in the Expression Builder. After viewing or modifying the existing filter syntax click OK.

      If you modified the filter it is updated when you click OK to close the Expression Builder.

    • Click Duplicate to duplicate the selected filter, and click Done to create an exact copy of the filter, or click OK to modify the expression used by the filter. Duplicating a complex filter and modifying it can be easier than creating the filter from scratch.

    • Click Rename, enter a new name in the text box, and click OK. Filter names are limited to 31 alphanumeric characters and cannot begin with a number. Click Done to use the existing value of the filter, or click OK to modify the expression used by the filter.

    • Click Delete to delete the filter, click Delete again in the confirmation dialog box, and click Done to close the dialog box.

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