Quick searching a table

Quick searching allows you to find whole or partial words, exact phrases, numbers, or datetime values in the data in a table. All the source data in the table is searched, not just the data displayed in the current view. Entire records are searched, rather than specific fields. You can subsequently modify the search if you need to search a specific field (character data searches only).


If you want to search for numeric or datetime data in a specific field, use quick filtering. For more information, see About quick filters.

To quick search a table:

  1. In the Filter text box at the top of the View tab, do one of the following:
    • Type one or more search terms and press Enter.

      With multiple search terms, the quick search performs a logical OR operation and finds records that contain at least one of the search terms.

    • To search for an exact phrase, enclose the entire phrase in double quotation marks and press Enter.

      The quick search finds only those records that contain the exact phrase.


    When searching for numbers or datetime values, you need to match the source data formatting rather than the formatting in the view. For more information, see About quick searching.

  2. If you want to limit the search to a specific character field, do the following:
    1. Modify the automatically generated filter in the Filter text box by typing a comma after the search term, and then add the name of the field.

      For example, modify FIND("casino")to FIND("casino", Merchant).


      You must use the physical name of the field, which may not be the same as the display name of the field in the view. To check the physical name, right-click the appropriate column header and select Properties. If necessary, copy the physical name from the text box at the top of the Modify Column dialog box. Do not use the Alternate Column Title.

      To search in a related field you must specify the fully qualified name of the field (that is, table.field name). For example: FIND("casino", Vendor.Vendor_Name)

    2. Press Enter.

      The search is restricted to the field that you specified.

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