Removing columns from a view

If a view includes columns that you do not want to display, you can remove them from the view. The physical data fields or computed fields the columns are based on are still present in the table layout, and the columns can be re-added whenever necessary and remain available for use in other views.

To remove one or more columns:

  1. In the View tab, click the column header of the column you want to remove and, if you want to remove additional columns, Ctrl+click the other column headers to select them.
  2. Right-click in the data area of the view and select Remove Selected Columns. Do not right-click in the column header row if you have selected multiple columns, or only the column you right-click will be selected.
  3. Click Remove in the Remove Columns dialog box.
  4. To save your changes to the view, select File > Save Project and click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

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