IF command

Specifies a condition that must evaluate to true in order to execute a command.


IF test command


Name Description

The condition that must be met for command to be run.


Any valid ACLScript command to run if test evaluates to true.


Running a command conditionally

You want to use CLASSIFY on a table, but only if the v_counter variable is greater than ten:

IF v_counter > 10 CLASSIFY ON Location TO "Count_by_Location.fil" OPEN

Running a command based on a user decision

You want to allow the script user to decide whether to classify a table.

In your script, you include a dialog box with a check box that if selected allows the CLASSIFY command to run. The check box stores a True or False input value in the logical variable v_classify_checkbox.

You use an IF test to determine the value of v_classify_checkbox, and if the value is True, CLASSIFY executes:

IF v_classify_checkbox=T CLASSIFY ON Location TO "Count_by_Location.fil" OPEN


IF command versus IF parameter

The logic of the IF command differs from the IF parameter that is supported by most commands:

  • IF command determines whether the associated command runs or not, based on the value of the test expression
  • IF parameter determines whether the command runs against each record in an ACL table based on the value of the test expression

Decision making in scripts

In a script, you can enter a series of IF command tests and run different commands based on the results. The IF command can be also be used to test the value of a variable to determine if further processing should occur.

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