What is ACL Analytics?

ACL Analytics (ACL) is a data analysis application that provides a powerful combination of:

  • data access
  • data analysis
  • integrated reporting

ACL provides immediate visibility into transactional data critical to your organization. The application reads and compares data, but does not allow modification of source data to ensure that it remains intact for complete data quality and integrity. For more information, see Data access by ACL is read-only.

Working with data

ACL allows you to work with data in the following ways:

  • Analyze entire data populations, or samples of populations
  • Identify trends and exceptions, and highlight potential areas of concern
  • Identify control issues and ensure compliance with organizational standards
  • Age and analyze financial or time-sensitive transactions
  • Automate analytic testing and receive immediate notification of results
  • Log the analysis performed, allowing you to preserve analysis steps, and review and compare results

Unicode and non-Unicode editions

ACL is available in Unicode and non-Unicode editions. Both editions are contained in the same installation package, and during the installation you specify which edition to install. In ACL, in the dialog box containing the product and subscription information (Help > About), Unicode or non-Unicode appears after the version number.

For more information, see ACL Unicode products.

Product name change

Starting with version 11.4, ACL Analytics is a component of ACL for Windows, which also includes the Analysis App window and Offline Projects.

Prior to version 10.0, ACL Analytics was called ACL Desktop. In the online help and user guides, the short form of the name continues to be ACL.

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Saturday, April 20, 2019