We rebranded

We are evolving as an organization and adapting ourselves to a new vision for the future. To better reflect this vision, we changed our logos, company name, and platform name.

  • ACL, our company, is now renamed to Galvanize.
  • ACL GRC, our cloud-based platform, is now renamed to HighBond.

How are you affected?

New platform website

www.aclgrc.com has moved to www.highbond.com. You should only access the platform using www.highbond.com.

If you have whitelisted ACL websites, contact your IT department to ensure *.highbond.com is whitelisted so people in your organization can continue to access the platform.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

If you had SSO set up on www.aclgrc.com, update your SSO configuration with the domain change to www.highbond.com. This is also necessary to access Academy or chat online with Support.


Update the following fields in your Identity Provider settings from *.aclgrc.com to *.highbond.com:

  • Single Sign On URL
  • Recipient URL
  • Destination URL
  • Audience Restriction


    Depending on your Identity Provider, field names may be different. No changes are required to any of the SSO fields in Launchpad, including the Security Certificate Fingerprint.

Signing in and logging out

  • Users that sign in through the platform can access the following URL to avoid entering their custom domain each time:




  • The following SLO (Single Log-Out) is supported using the Identity Provider initiated workflow:




System emails

System emails are now sent from notifications@highbond.com.

  • If you have whitelisted ACL emails contact your IT department to add notifications@highbond.com so everyone continues receiving system emails.
  • If you created any inbox rules for emails from notifications@aclgrc.com update them to notifications@highbond.com.

Academy notifications

Academy notifications are sent from noreply@academy.wegalvanize.com.

  • If you have whitelisted Academy emails contact your IT department to add noreply@academy.wegalvanize.com to continue receiving Academy notifications.
  • If you created any inbox rules for emails from noreply@academy.acl.com update them to include noreply@academy.wegalvanize.com.

Links in the Reports module

Links in reports display as *.highbond.com. Links that you share or broadcast will also display as *.highbond.com. No action is required to update these links from *.aclgrc.com to *.highbond.com.

If you have calculated fields in your reports that generate links to *.aclgrc.com, you can manually update the strings to point to *.highbond.com.

Global navigation bar

We made improvements to the global navigation bar in HighBond. This allows you to easily navigate back to Launchpad, switch between modules, and return to the homepage of the module you are working in.


At your convenience, you can update any bookmarked pages to the new websites outlined below.

Changes in detail

Area Previously Now
Corporate rebranding Logo
Company name ACL Galvanize
Corporate website www.acl.com www.wegalvanize.com
Academy website academy.acl.com academy.wegalvanize.com
Academy notifications noreply@academy.acl.com noreply@academy.wegalvanize.com
Content & Intelligence Gallery website gallery.acl.com gallery.wegalvanize.com
Community website



Support website community.acl.com/s/contactsupport community.wegalvanize.com/s/contactsupport
  Platform rebranding Logo
Platform name



Platform website www.aclgrc.com


Platform notifications notifications@aclgrc.com


Help Docs website enablement.acl.com help.highbond.com
ScriptHub website scripts.aclgrc.com scripts.highbond.com
Inspirations website accounts.aclgrc.com/inspirations accounts.highbond.com/inspirations
Customer systems status website status.aclgrc.com status.highbond.com
  Subscriptions and role names Subscription GRC subscription Subscription
Subscription types GRC Professional Professional
GRC Oversight Oversight
GRC Contributor Contributor
Role GRC Admin
  • Launchpad System Admin
  • Strategy Strategy Admin
  • Projects Projects Admin
  • Results Results Admin
Product name changes Products ACL Analytics Analytics
ACL Connector Data Connector
ACL GRC mobile app HighBond
Other name changes Projects ACL project templates Project templates
Reports ACL templates HighBond templates
ACL_GRC (data source) HighBond

Some things haven't changed


Analytics 14.1 continues to function in the same way as previous versions of Analytics, with the addition of the new features and enhancements described in these release notes.

Analytics scripts

No change. Scripts authored in previous versions of Analytics continue to run in Analytics 14.1.

Product names

The following product names remain unchanged:

  • Launchpad
  • Strategy, Projects, Mission Control, Results, Robots, Reports
  • ACL Robotics
  • ACL for Windows
  • Offline Projects
  • Analytics Exchange
  • ACL Essentials
  • Direct Link
  • Add-In for Excel


Older versions of on-premise products will continue to be branded as ACL. As a result, only the most recent version of the Help Docs for on-premise products is rebranded.

More help

  • Learn more about why we're rebranding Check out this announcement.
  • Ask questions for further assistance Contact Support.
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