Working with Analytics graphs


The charts in the Analysis App window are more modern than the legacy graphs in Analytics and they offer a visually attractive alternative. If the charts in the Analysis App window meet your reporting needs, you should use them rather than the legacy graphs.

For more information, see Working with analysis apps.

You can select from a variety of graph types to display Analytics data. There are two ways to generate or create graphs from table data:

  • Generate a graph from command results – The following commands in the Analyze menu, and the equivalent ACLScript commands, provide the option to output the results as a graph:

    • Age

    • Classify

    • Cross-tabulate

    • Histogram

    • Benford Analysis

    • Stratify

    Scripts that contain appropriate commands can display the results of those commands in a graph. This allows you to automate graph-based reports for analyzing data that changes over time.

    When you generate a graph from command results, you can us the Drill-down option to analyze a subset of the graphed data. When you drill down in a graph, Analytics creates a filter and displays the selected subset of records in an Analytics view.

  • Generate a graph from selected data in a view – When working with an Analytics view, you can select data in the view and create a graph. The Drill-down option is not available in graphs generated from Analytics views because the subset of data is already selected in the view.