Reporting your findings

When you have completed your analysis in Analytics you often need to report your findings. You can use the native reporting features in Analytics, or you can import Analytics data into a third-party reporting application such as Tableau.

The type of report you create depends on how you want to present the results of your analysis and the complexity of the report layout.

Using Analytics to report your findings

Two types of reports are available in Analytics for presenting your findings and analysis:

  • Analytics reports
  • Analytics graphs

Analytics reports

You can create text reports based on views you define in Analytics. A number of configurable options let you determine the content and layout of the report.

For more information, see Formatting and generating Analytics reports.

Analytics graphs

You can generate graphs as the output of some Analytics operations. You can also graph data you select in views. The graph toolbar provides a number of options for formatting the graphs.

For more information, see Working with Analytics graphs.

Using a third-party application to report your findings

You can use any ODBC-compliant reporting application to connect to Analytics data and report your findings. The applications you can use include:

  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop
  • Excel
  • Crystal Reports
  • Qlik
  • MicroStrategy

For more information, see Connecting to Analytics from a third-party reporting application.