Like an scripting language, you can add comments in ACLScript With the COMMENT keyword. Use comments to make your code easier to understand and to communicate with anyone who may try to read, use, or understand your script.

Comment types

ACLScript supports two types of comments:

  • single line comments all text following COMMENT is ignored until the end of the line is reached
  • multiple line comment blocks begin with COMMENT and each subsequent line is ignored until the END keyword, or a blank line, is reached

Single line comments

Use single line comments to describe individual steps in your script or to describe variables:

COMMENT *** the start date for the analysis period
v_Start_Date = `20150101`

Multiple line comment blocks

Use multiple line comment blocks to describe scripts or script sections.

** This section of the script prepares data for import

Header comment blocks

It is good practice to include a header comment block that contains key script information at the start of each script:

*** Script Name: {App_ID}{Script name}
*** Parameters: {Detailed description}
*** Output: {Describe parameters}
*** Written By: {Name}, ABC Corporation, {Month YYYY}
*** Modified By: {Name}, ABC Corporation, script purpose and logic
*** Version: 1.1.1 {app_ver.script_ver.defect.fix}