Scripting for complete beginners

You can do a lot of powerful things with ACLScript and there are many commands and functions at your disposal, so it is a good idea to start small and learn the practicalities of scripting in Analytics.

Installing Analytics

Before you can start scripting, you need to install Analytics and get it running on your computer. For more information, see ACL for Windows Installation and Activation Guide.

Opening a sample project

Throughout this section, we assume that you have installed and activated Analytics and that you have access to the sample data that ships with the application.

To open the sample project, navigate to the folder containing the sample projects on your computer and double-click Sample Project.ACL.


By default, the sample data projects are installed at C:\Users\username\Documents\ACL Data\Sample Data Files on your local file system.

What is a script?

A script is a list of commands that run in Analytics. Scripts are useful for performing a series of tasks automatically so that you do not need to run each command manually through the user interface. For more on scripts, see What is a script?

Your first Analytics script

Complete this short tutorial to learn the basics of ACLScript. The tutorial deals with opening a table and extracting a subset of records. To view the tutorial, see Your first Analytics script.