Automating and sharing

You can increase the value of your data analysis work in Analytics by making it available to others as part of a broader workflow. Several options exist for sharing and extending Analytics projects, and the work they contain.

The features or products listed below are separate pieces of software that integrate with Analytics.


Version 16 of Analytics, and all subsequent versions, are not intended for use with Analytics Exchange (AX). Diligent ended support for Analytics Exchange on January 1, 2023. Learn more or upgrade to Robots.

For information about using Analytics in conjunction with Analytics Exchange, see Analytics and ACLScript 15.1 Help.

Publishing data to Results Results is a HighBond app that you can upload records to for additional processing and issue remediation. It contains workflow automation tools such as triggers, questionnaires, and metrics. You can also visualize data.
Publishing data to Storyboards

Storyboards is a HighBond app and communication platform that displays multiple visualizations and rich text content in a single presentation, which can easily be shared with executives or other stakeholders.

Automating with Robots Robots is a HighBond app that you can use to automate repetitive tasks using analytic scripts built in Analytics. Robots handles the recurring tasks according to your configuration.

ACL Robotics infographic