The Analytics user interface

This section provides general information about the Analytics user interface:

  • an overview of user interface menus, tabs, dialog boxes, and other user interface elements
  • the structure of Analytics tables
  • customizable Analytics features
  • an overview of Analytics projects
  • other general information

Open Analytics

To open Analytics, double-click the ACL for Windows desktop shortcut, then click an option in ACL for Windows:

  • New Analytic Project – create a new, empty Analytics project
  • Open Analytic Project – open an existing Analytics project
  • Under Recent Analytics Files, or Sample Files – open a recently opened or a sample Analytics project (.acl)

Close Analytics

To close Analytics, select File > Exit.

If any unsaved changes are detected in your project, you are prompted to save them before you exit. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box to save your changes and exit.