What is ACL for Windows?

ACL for Windows is a single, downloadable product that provides access to:


Access to each component is determined by your Diligent subscription.

What can I access using the ACL for Windows main screen?

Using ACL for Windows, you can:

  • activate Analytics to begin using the product
  • create or open an Analytics project in Analytics
  • connect to HighBond Results, where you can build workflows for organizing, tracking, and remediating exceptions
  • access Launchpad, which provides links to all HighBond apps for HighBond users, and links to ScriptHub, Inspirations, and your user profile
  • use Offline Projects to check out or check in a section from a HighBond project, and perform work offline
  • access resources such as Support, quick start guides, product forums, online Help, and training courses

Overview of ACL for Windows main screen


Number Component Description
1 Organization selector Switch between accounts (organizations) you have access to using this dropdown list.
2 Toolbar

Profile Update your profile or sign out of ACL for Windows.

Information Access help and product documentation or contact Support.

3 Recent Analytics Files

View recently accessed files in Analytics. Click Refresh List to update the list of files, or press F5.

4 Open

Open an existing Analytics project, or HighBond project

5 Create
  • Analytic Project Create a new Analytics project and open it in Analytics.
  • Workflow Open collections in Results for viewing, or build a new workflow for organizing, tracking, and remediating exceptions
6 Sample Files Open pre-built Analytics projects that include a variety of sample data.

How ACL for Windows fits into the Diligent product ecosystem


Version 16 of Analytics, and all subsequent versions, are not intended for use with Analytics Exchange (AX). Diligent ended support for Analytics Exchange on January 1, 2023. Learn more or upgrade to Robots.

For information about using Analytics in conjunction with Analytics Exchange, see Analytics and ACLScript 15.1 Help.

HighBond universe diagram

Switching your HighBond instance

You might belong to multiple instances of HighBond if your organization has more than one subscription, you consult for multiple organizations, or you are part of a training instance. If you belong to more than one HighBond instance, you can use ACL for Windows to switch between them.

Switching between HighBond instances allows you to activate ACL for Windows using different subscriptions, and to access data belonging to different organizations or business units.

To switch your HighBond instance:

  1. In ACL for Windows, select Sign Out and close from the profile dropdown list .

    You are signed out of your current instance.

  2. Double-click the ACL for Windows shortcut on the desktop.

    The Launchpad sign-in screen opens.

  3. Sign in using your HighBond account, by entering your user name (email) and password and clicking Sign In.
  4. Select the appropriate instance from the dropdown list and click Activate Analytics.

    ACL for Windows opens. Any activities you perform involving HighBond now use the instance you just selected.