Asset Inventory activity logging

System Admins can download a record of the changes users have made in Asset Inventory over the past month.

How it works

Asset Inventory keeps a log of the changes that users make to assets. If you're a System Admin, you can generate a .csv file containing those changes over the last month. When HighBond is done generating the file, it sends you an email that you can then download to your computer.


For security reasons, the link to download the activity log expires 30 minutes after you receive the email.

Generating and downloading an activity log

  1. Open the Asset Inventory app.
  2. Click the Side navigation icon .
  3. At the bottom of the side navigation panel, click Activity.
  4. Click Export activity log. HighBond generates your activity log file and sends you an email.
  5. Open your email and click the link. Your activity log downloads to your computer.