Reporting on your data

When you have completed your analysis, you often need to report your findings. HighBond provides a variety of reporting options. It also integrates with Analytics, our desktop application, and third-party business intelligence (BI) tools.

Primary reporting options

  • The Reports app Configure custom dashboards to present information to different stakeholders and visually monitor KPIs. You can also copy a report or dashboard template as a starting point, and customize it as needed. See Reporting with the Reports app.
  • The Activity Center app Use Activity Center to view pre-configured dashboards that are customized to your workflow. See Reporting with the Activity Center app.
  • The Storyboards app Use storyboards to track real-time risk and compliance information using data visualization, accompanied by commentary. With the ability to drill down to source data, individual records can be further investigated and assigned to appropriate personnel for action. See Presenting results with storyboards.
  • The Projects app Download default one-click reports or customizable issues reports to easily send information to external stakeholders. See Downloading pre-built and custom reports. You can also use Impact Reports, a subscription-based service that allows you to define a one-click report template, tailored to your needs. See Defining custom report templates using Impact Reports.
  • The Results app You can use Impact Reports for the Results app data also. See Defining custom report templates using Impact Reports.
  • The Strategy app Communicate a holistic view of risk affecting the organization by downloading configurable risk heatmap reports. See Configuring risk heatmaps.

Reporting using other applications and tools

  • Analytics Use Analytics to report your findings. You can also use any ODBC-compliant reporting application to connect to Analytics data and report your findings. See Reporting your findings.
  • HighBond API Use the API to automate interactions with HighBond, build reporting, and integrate HighBond with other systems in your company. See HighBond API Reference.